Where: Geneva, Switzerland
When: February 2023
Challenge: Imagine and capture an artistic concept that would reflect the bank’s message “SUCCESS. TOGETHER”. The second edition of this campaign had to be as impactful and memorable as the first, while emphasizing a different ingredient to success without losing the energy of the first campaign.
Live response: The new creative approach was designed to emphasize another aspect of success, relying less on competitiveness and more on the inspiring beauty togetherness. The lasting visual impression is brought to life by the incredible joined talent of the photographers, videographers and performers who managed to express intangible emotions by capturing perfect synchronicity. Dancers know better than anyone the hard work and dedication to perfection behind the lightness and grace of a movement. The inspiring tagline “SUCCESS. TOGETHER” has now a visual expression relying on a different set of emotions, highlighting beauty as the result of hard individual work and synchronicity in execution.