Where: Geneva, Switzerland

When: 2022

Challenge: Inaugurate the innovative « hôtel industriel » for the watchmaking industry and suppliers in Geneva and promote it to both press and public.

LIVE response: Ideation and production of 2 events: one to welcome the press, VIPs and officials and the other to thank the partners who took part in the project. Creation and deployment of a social media and press campaign.

Les Cabinotiers is the first « hôtel industriel » dedicated to craftsmen and subcontractors in the watch and jewelry sector in Geneva. In September 2022, this uniquely designed building opened its doors thanks to Altitude Fiduciary Advisors, the initiators of the project.

Appointed by AFA, LIVE TEAMS designed, staged, produced and managed the inauguration of the building, the press relations and the digital campaign linked to the event. To celebrate the accomplishment of this architectural and human artwork, in a space still in construction, LIVE TEAMS created a trendy, eco-responsible and friendly decor. Two evenings, entirely managed by our teams, enabled to welcome and surprise different groups of guests and meet their specific expectations while delighting the five senses.